“Let the buyer beware!” As dramatic as it sounds, the old saying has a lot of truth in it. It is especially applicable when you are buying secondhand goods, and particularly when it comes to vehicles – bikes as much as any other. Raceworx KTM advises you on how to be a more savvy secondhand bike buyer. Ask these five simple questions to help you ensure you are getting a good deal.

What to Look for When Buying a Secondhand Bike

Buying a secondhand motorcycle can be risky. Where did this bike come from – and how was it treated by its previous owner? Is it of genuinely good quality or is someone trying to sell you a lemon? As a buyer, you need to be careful and these five questions can help you get the information you need to make your purchase decision.

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1. What Is The History Of This Bike?

First things first: where did this motorcycle come from? Who had it before, has it been damaged at any point? Check on things such as the VIN number and source as much as you can about the bike’s history on that basis. Ask your dealer for this information, and do not make any decisions until you are happy that you have learned all you need to know.

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2. What Is The Mileage And How Was It Accumulated?

It’s easy enough to check the odometer reading on a motorcycle – and it is one of the first things you should do. However, what is more important than the cycle’s mileage is the story of how that number was racked up. What was this bike used for and how was it treated? Is this a bike that is built for high performance over a short period or for high mileage over an extended time?

3. Ask About the Signs of Wear on The Tire And Footpegs

If you are looking at a motorcycle in a dealership, the original tires may not be on the bike, so this could be a difficult line of enquiry. Nevertheless, tires and footpegs can tell you a lot about a bike’s history. If the wear on the tires is balanced and squared off, that likely means that the bike was used for commuting and ridden fairly carefully. Heavy wear on the edges means the bike was ridden fairly hard. Look at the wear patterns on the footpegs too. If there are new tires on the bike, ask why they have been replaced. As you inspect the tires and footpegs, ask the seller about the signs you see. Doing so immediately makes you look like an informed buyer – even if you’re actually quite inexperienced.

4. What Is The Motorcycle’s Maintenance History?

It is very important that a bike has been properly maintained by the previous owner. Ask for service and maintenance histories. If these are unavailable, it does not necessarily mean that the bike is a no-go; perhaps the owner was a mechanic who did their own maintenance. However, a proper maintenance book is the best way to tell that a bike has been well taken care of.

5. Is All The Paperwork In Order?

This is unlikely to be a problem with a formal motorcycle dealer, but should definitely be checked on if you are working with a private seller. The bike should have an up-to-date licence and the registration needs to be properly transferred into your name to complete the sale – this is the seller’s responsibility.

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