One of the many great things about the information age in which we currently live, is the wide availability of simple but clever hacks to make all our lives easier. This is true in the biking world too. All riders are aware of the challenges – both small and large – of riding and maintaining bike. Raceworx KTM explains six essential biking hacks that every bike owner and rider must know to overcome some of these challenges.

6 Essential Motorcycle Hacks

We all love our bikes, but all of us have also become all too familiar with a variety of snags and annoyances that we tend to encounter when riding and maintaining them. Try these six essential hacks to make your riding experience a little better.

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1. Staying Cool While Keeping Covered

When riding in the summer, you often face an irritating dilemma: your jacket is too hot, but if you take it off, you are more exposed to the elements, which tend to hit you a lot harder when you are riding at any appreciable speed. A good way to get around this is to add some hook-and-loop closures in strategic places on the jacket – such as on the chest. This enables you to pin the jacket back in places to get some airflow, while still have full protection.

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2. Keeping Track of All Your Screws During Maintenance

We are sure that every biker who does their own maintenance has faced this annoying problem fairly frequently. As you open up parts of your bike for maintenance, you will quickly realise just how many screws are involved in holding the assembly together. They are all of different lengths and gauges, and all intended for specific parts of the bike. They have a tendency to get lost and/or mixed up as you carry out your fixes. To avoid this, take a sheet of corrugated cardboard or corkboard, affix the screws to it and label them clearly with a permanent marker. Now you won’t find yourself short of screws when the time comes to put everything back together again.

3. Keep Your Kickstand Above Ground

We have all parked our bikes on soft, unstable ground at some point, and had to watch our kickstands sink into the soil. You can prevent this by placing a crushed drink can on the ground and resting your kickstand on top of it. A small piece of scrap wood or scrap metal will do the trick as well, if you have them to hand.

4. Keep The Sun Out of Your Eyes

If you are riding east in the morning or west in the afternoon, you will have to negotiate the suns glare as it rises from or dips towards the horizon. We don’t have sun visors like car drivers do, so we have to make another plan. Try sticking a strip of duct-tape across the top of your helmet’s visor.

5. Warm Up Your Hands While on The Road

It’s a good idea to always keep a pair of latex gloves to hand. They will serve very well if you should forget your riding gloves, and they can also serve as an extra insulating layer under your gloves if the weather is particularly cold and wet.

6. Make It Easier to Open Your Gate or Garage Door

Where do you keep your gate or garage door remote while riding? It can be a pain to have to dig through pockets to find it as you arrive home. Instead, put yours in a small plastic bag or pouch, which you can then strap to your handlebars. You can then open your gate with one quick movement.

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