FAQ: How Do I Get Into Motorcycle Racing?

So, you think you have what it takes to be a motorcycle racer? It’s an exhilarating path to follow, whether you want to do it on an amateur or professional level. While acquiring the skill to compete is not easy, getting involved is relatively straightforward. Raceworx KTM is here to advise you on the steps to follow.

4 Steps To Becoming A Motorcycle Racer

Motor racing in South Africa – whether a car or a motorcycle is your “weapon of choice”, requires you to progress through the club system as per Motorsport South Africa (MSA) guidelines. Follow these four steps to get started. Also, visit our blog for more on everything relating to motorcycles.

1. Join A Club (Or At Least Research Some)

To get your career going, you will need to join one of the country’s many clubs at entry-level. The Short Circuit series is the best way to get started and offers several different junior racing classes such as Mini Moto, NSF100, 250CC and 150CC. Go to some race meetings before joining a club and speak to the competitors. This will help you decide exactly what type of racing you want to be involved in.

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2. Buy A Bike

This should actually be your first step, but it is probably best to investigate clubs and speak to established competitors before making the investment. All competitors must have their own bikes and the budget to maintain them and pay all other expenses relating to racing. A club chairman or representative will be able to advise you on what bike to buy. Raceworx KTM can then help you find the perfect bike.

3. Write Your Exam And Get Your MSA Licence

Every racer needs to have a licence issued by MSA. Before getting your licence, you will need to prove your riding capabilities, as well as your knowledge of racing regulations. You need to get a copy of the General Competition Rules handbook and you will then have to pass a written exam on these rules.

4. Get Involved At Your Club And Start Training And Racing

Once you have gone through the above steps, go through the processes of improving your racing skills through practice and training with your club. As you progress, the club will enter you in races that are appropriate for your skill levels. Ride hard and enjoy!

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5 Tips to Keep Your Motorcycle in Top Condition

A well-maintained bike is not only a safer bike but also one that will last for years. Raceworx KTM gives you five maintenance tasks you should do on a regular basis. You should also follow your bike’s manual and follow the recommended service and check-up routines.

5 Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

The following five tips are basic motorcycle maintenance routines that you can do on your own and that will help prolong the life of your bike. Do these regularly in addition to your service regimen. Read our blog for more motorcycle care tips.

1. Check Your Tires Regularly

Every time you refuel, check your tires’ air pressure. Also, look closely at your tires and check for wear and tear. The right pressure will make your tires last longer.

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2. Check Engine Oil

In general, you should change your oil at least once every year. If you use your bike a lot, you will need to change it even more often. If you are dealing with a dirt bike and do a lot of off-road riding, the quality of your oil will deteriorate, and this will also necessitate more frequent oil changes.

3. Look After Your Drive Chain

Without proper care, your drive chain can become a danger to you. The drive chain transfers power from our engine to your rear wheel. It needs to be

lubricated regularly – preferably after a ride while it is still warm. This allows the oil to penetrate more deeply. Check the chain tension as well.

4. Test Your Brakes Before Each Ride

It is good practice to check your brakes before every ride. This not only will protect you, but other people that you may come into contact with during your ride. Also check the brake fluid level. Brake fluid should be replaced every one to two years. Replace your brake pads as they get worn.

5. Clean Your Air Filter

A dirty air filter affects the efficiency of your engine – it causes your engine to work harder and cleaning it out with compressed air will add power to your bike. Replacing the filter is also a fairly easy operation.