The Importance of Getting Your Motorcycle Regularly Serviced

We all know that motorcycles – especially motocross bikes – are built to withstand plenty of abuse. They are tough and incredibly durable, it’s true. However, they are not unbreakable. They experience wear and tear with every kilometre they travel – even more so if you enjoy riding in the dirt or doing the odd jump and other tricks. It’s completely okay to ride your bike hard from time to time, but just remember that it will need a little care from time to time. Raceworx KTM explains the top five reasons why it is essential to service your bike.

5 Reasons to Have Your Bike Serviced Regularly

Like all vehicles, motorcycles must be serviced regularly. It is an unavoidable part of being a bike owner. Some people do simply ride their bikes until some sort of malfunction happens. That is one way to do things, but it is not the smart way. Here are five reasons why you should commit to a regular service schedule for your bike.

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1. Maintain Your Bike’s Value

Your bike’s value will start to decrease as soon as you buy it – that’s unavoidable. However, you can slow the devaluation and maintain a healthy resale value by having the bike serviced once a year. A bike with a complete service record is much more attractive to a buyer than a bike without one.

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2. Prevent Breakdowns

With regular servicing, the chances of breakdowns diminish drastically. Service technicians will either perform repairs as part of the service, or they will warn you about the need to do specific repairs and part replacements. You are thus much less likely to experience a surprise breakdown and you can ride with peace of mind.

3. Resist Wear and Tear

Motorcycle parts wear out over time – some more quickly than others. With regular services, parts can be replaced before they wear out. Serious wear and tear that can lead to malfunction, breakdowns, or costly repairs, can thus be avoided.

4. Increase Fuel Efficiency

Regular services can help you to spend less on fuel. Preventive maintenance keeps the engine in peak conditions, ensuring more efficient running. Oil changes, filter cleaning and replacements and correct tyre pressures all serve to improve fuel efficiency.

5. Make For a Better Ride

A properly serviced bike is well-tuned, operates at peak performance and improves the rider’s confidence.

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6 Things to Know Before Buying Your First KTM Bike

If 2022 is the year you finally buy your first KTM bike, you are making an excellent choice! A quality new or used motorcycle will give you many years of happy riding, whether you plan to use it to race or commute. Before you make your choice and spend your hard-earned money, however, consider these vital pre-buying tips from Raceworx KTM.

6 Essential Bike Buying Tips

You can easily be tempted to rush into a purchase as you browse through the shiny new and used bikes on the dealership floor. However, before you do, stop for a moment and consider your options. There are several things that can affect the deal you are about to make, as well as the long-term benefits you will get from your new bike.

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1. What Is The Best Choice – Not Merely The Most Exciting?

What kind of bike will really suit you? That sleek, sexy model built for speed – a rugged adventure bike, or a tough and practical bike designed for carrying your though rush hour? Before you get carried away, stop, think, and make an careful choice.

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2. Do Your Research

Once you make your decision about which bike suits you best, make a point of learning everything you can about that make and model. Before you walk into a dealership, you should already have a good idea about the pros and cons of the various options. You should have done your own research about your chosen bike with regard to price and specs. Try to speak to people who already own that make and model, or, at the very least, read reviews online.

3. Budget Beyond The Price Tag

There are more costs to consider than just a bike’s purchase price. If this is your first purchase, you must factor in the cost of riding gear such as helmet, jacket, gloves and boots. You must also consider registration, licensing and insurance. Research all of these and include them in your budget.

4. Ensure That You Know What You Are Doing

Too many people take the skills required to ride a bike for granted. The truth is that riding a bike requires more alertness, skill and responsibility than driving a car. Untrained riders put themselves and other road users at serious risk. Get the training you need before buying a bike.

5. Take A Test Ride

Never make a final choice without testing riding your options. You should know all there is to know about your bike on paper – now is your chance to put it through its paces and see if it is everything it is made out to be. Feel out the handling, braking and acceleration and make sure that the bike is a good “fit.”

6. Make Security Preparations

Prepare a place where you can keep your bike safely overnight. If you don’t have a lock-up garage, invest in measures such as wheel locks, rotor locks, etc. It is also worth installing a tracking device – in fact, your insurer might insist upon it.

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5 Biking Resolutions for the New Year

Another year is coming to an end and a new one is just about to get underway. You might have a list of resolutions you are hoping to stick to as 2022 progresses, but in addition to promises to eat better, go to the gym more often and read a few more books, why not also resolve to improve your experience as a biker? Raceworx KTM offers five resolutions to help you make 2022 the best biking year ever! 

5 Resolutions for Better Biking In 2022

From safety and maintenance to skills and upgrades, there are many resolutions you can take to enhance your biking experience in 2022. Here are five suggestions for biking resolutions for the New Year. 

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1. Learn To Be a Better Rider

Now don’t get us wrong: we’re sure you are a perfectly good rider. Having said that, there is always room for improvement. Why not take the time this year to learn more about riding and perhaps invest in a course or two to improve your abilities? You will thank yourself later: there are many riding workshops available, and they will make you a better and safer rider and improve your experience on the road. 

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2. Focus More Time and Attention on Maintaining Your Bike

It is all too common for bike owners to forget to take their bikes for regular services, checks and fixes. Making a conscious effort to keep your bike in great condition will not only extend its life but will also keep you safer when riding. 

3. Schedule More Time on The Open Road

If you are the kind of biker that either enjoys plenty of speed, or mostly use your bike for the daily commute, 2022 may the perfect time to get out and enjoy the scenery a bit more. Schedule a long road trip or two and take your bike out on the highways and byways of our beautiful country. It’s even better if you ride in a group, so gather your friends together, choose a destination and take a slow trip over a weekend. 

4. Make A New Commitment to Safety

Motorcyclists are at greater risk of serious injuries than anyone else on South Africa’s roads. That is no reason to be scared, but it is a good reason to be more conscious and make a solid commitment to safety. Remember that the rules of the road are for your benefit, and perhaps invest in some quality new riding gear. 

5. Invest In Some Upgrades

If you love your bike, why not pamper it a little? Put some money aside in 2022 for a few additions and upgrades, such as new tail lamps or a fancy exhaust. On the other hand, maybe the time has come to trade in your bike for something newer, bigger and faster?  

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Top Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents happen all too easily, but they can be prevented. Motorcycles are often associated with a daring and devil-may-care attitude, but the truth is that motorcyclists should be just as cautious on the roads as car drivers. Raceworx KTM offers a few expert tips to help you stay safe on your motorcycle.

Important Tips to Stay Safe When Riding Your Bike

Riding a motorbike can be extremely dangerous. South Africa has a high number of road accidents per capita as it is – among these, motorcycle accidents are the most likely to be fatal. The majority of motorbike accidents result in serious injury or death. With this in mind, there is no reason why you can’t keep enjoying your motorbike, but it is important to take precautions and ride carefully and alertly. Here are a few top tips to help keep you safe.

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Important Motorcycle Safety Tips

Before you get on your bike, bear these important safety tips in mind:

1. Increase Your Visibility

Wear protective gear that is easy to see: choose bright colours and add reflective elements to both yourself and your bike. Make use of your headlight – even when riding during the day and try to ride in a position on the road that makes you clear visible to all motorists.

2. Be Alert – And Never Assume That Other Road Users Are

When riding, keep your wits about you. Watch what is happening ahead of and behind you, as well as on either side of you. Motorists can very easily lose focus – especially if they are texting or speaking on the phone, so never assume that your fellow road users are alert and driving with maximum care. Watch out for swerves and sudden lane changes. If you are not sure if a motorist has seen you, use your hooter.

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3. Take Extra Special Care at Intersections

Almost half of road accidents occur at intersections. Motorists turning right across the intersection are perhaps the most common problem. Be on high alert at intersections and watch other road users very closely.

4. Watch Your Speed

It’s tempting to speed on a motorbike, but it will serve you to observe the speed limit and ride with care, especially on fairly busy urban and suburban roads.

5. Avoid Alcohol and Other Substances

This one shouldn’t even need saying, but a large percentage of road accidents occur as a result of one of the motorists involved being under the influence of alcohol or other substances

6. Avoid Bad Weather

If there are rainy or windy conditions, it is better to stay off the roads if you can. If you can’t avoid travelling in bad conditions, pack rain gear, ride slowly and take extra special care.

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