KTM bikes are built to take a fair amount of wear and tear. You bought your bike to carry you safely on long road trips and to handle a bit of punishment on rough terrain. It can do all of this and more – provided you give them plenty of care and service them regularly. Raceworx KTM explains all you need to know about servicing your motorcycle.

Know What Your Bike Needs

It is all very well to hand your bike over to a mechanic or service centre but, having made a considerable investment in a motorcycle, it is a good idea to have at least a general picture of what it needs to stay in good shape. What needs regular attention on your bike – and when? Here is what you need to know.

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Bike Servicing Essentials

First things first: the most important part of your bike is not so much the engine that drives it, but the parts that are constantly in contact with the road. Service and maintenance must include checking your tyres for damage and wear, and ensuring that the wheels are balanced.

The next essential part of a bike service is the fluids. After a good few hours spent on tar and sand, the fluids in your bike will get dirty and may also drop in level. The brake fluid and motor oil must be flushed and replaced at certain intervals (check your owner’s manual for the required mileage for your bike).

As your mileage increases between services, check how your fuel efficiency changes. Are you getting the most out of every expensive litre of petrol? To ensure that this is the case, you must ensure that the ignition, fuel/air mix and other factors are checked and adjusted for maximum efficiency.

Just as important as your tyres are the braking and steering systems. These are all critical to a smooth and safe ride and must never be overlooked during a service. Brakes must be checked for wear and warping, fluid lines must be tested and the shocks should also be checked regularly. 

Finally, the battery, fuse box and lights must all be checked for potential problems and replaced if necessary.

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