As much fun as riding a motorcycle can be, there is no denying that it involves more risk than driving a car. Owning and riding a bike comes with a responsibility to be extra safe, both for yourself and for other road users. Raceworx KTM offer five essential safety tips to help you ensure a safe and enjoyable ride every time.

5 Vital Motorcycle Safety Tips

Riding a motorbike comes with a certain image: riders project a tough image, even if they don’t intend to. There is a certain air of exciting danger that comes with being a bike rider. Follow these five tips to keep riding safely. Read our blog for more motorcycle care tips.

1. Choose the Right Bike for Your Comfort

Are you riding the right bike? It may seem a strange question but riding a bike that is comfortable for your height, weight and handling abilities is essential to your safety and enjoyment. Know your particular abilities and choose a bike on which your feet will rest flat on the ground when seated. If the bike feels too heavy, it probably is. Also, be sure to choose routes that you can negotiate easily on your bike. Never take on more than you can handle.

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2. Wear the Appropriate Gear

No matter how important your image is to you, it will mean little if you are involved in an accident and are not protected against serious injury. Helmets, as well as visors and/or goggles are essential, but you should also cover up with extra protection like leather jackets or padded, reinforced pants and boots made especially for riding.

3. Inspect Your Bike Before Riding Off

Before you hit the road, check your bike from front to back and top to bottom. You don’t have to run a full mechanical inspection, but just check to ensure that everything is as it should be. Walks around the bike and check for leaks, loose bolts or other potential hazards. Also remember to be diligent about care and maintenance. Have your bike serviced regularly and attend to all repairs as and when they become necessary.

4. Keep Your Eyes on The Road

As a motorcyclist, you should pay special attention to the road – perhaps more so than any other motorist. Be cautious when negotiating turns and curves and look out for loose gravel and other hazards. Watch out for other road users at all times.

5. Be Mindful of The Weather

The dangers of wet or icy roads, heavy rain and fog multiply when you are on two wheels. You don’t have the stability of a car, and you also lack the physical protection afforded by a car’s windscreen and the fact that you are on your vehicle rather than inside it places you more at risk to the elements. Lack of visibility and being pelted by heavy rain as you travel at 60-100km/h or more is a nightmare for a biker. Watch the forecasts and rather stay off the roads if the weather is bad.

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