Snow+Rock Bike Festival 2017

Another spectacular Snow+Rock weekend in Lesotho at Afriski!!! The visitors, families, motorcycle riders and friends were not disappointed with all the activities offered in the “Mountain Kingdom”.

Enduro riders from novice to advanced were catered for. The Afriski guides with their knowledge of all the local routes took the riders through valleys and over mountains, they were given exposure to the topographical extremes of Lesotho. The riders came back tired after each day’s hard riding, but with the biggest smiles.

Some adventure motorcycle riders stuck to the tarred roads while others took the more adventurous off-road trials for an outride to the Katse Dam. It was a long day but well worth the effort. Although they had the same destination; each rider had a different story to tell about their own experience and adventure. The riders enjoyed riding some of the most beautiful roads and vistas in Southern Africa over the Snow+Rock weekend.

There was an array of activities for the families and kids who stayed at Afriski during the day while the motorcycle riders went on the outrides. The mountain-bike riders used the ski-lift to get up the mountain, after which they could free-wheel downhill on the various routes. Other activities included the monster rollers, paintball games and guided hikes.

The Sky Restaurant and bar at Afriski did not disappoint. The motorcycle riders and families enjoyed hearty meals inside the warm and cosy venue after fun-and-eventful days outside.

Thank you for a very successful Snow+Rock event and all the parties and organisers involved; Afriski, Raceworx KTM, Wild West Enduro Track and all the staff. We’re looking forward to the 2018 Snow+Rock event!