5 Biking Resolutions for the New Year

Another year is coming to an end and a new one is just about to get underway. You might have a list of resolutions you are hoping to stick to as 2022 progresses, but in addition to promises to eat better, go to the gym more often and read a few more books, why not also resolve to improve your experience as a biker? Raceworx KTM offers five resolutions to help you make 2022 the best biking year ever! 

5 Resolutions for Better Biking In 2022

From safety and maintenance to skills and upgrades, there are many resolutions you can take to enhance your biking experience in 2022. Here are five suggestions for biking resolutions for the New Year. 

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1. Learn To Be a Better Rider

Now don’t get us wrong: we’re sure you are a perfectly good rider. Having said that, there is always room for improvement. Why not take the time this year to learn more about riding and perhaps invest in a course or two to improve your abilities? You will thank yourself later: there are many riding workshops available, and they will make you a better and safer rider and improve your experience on the road. 

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2. Focus More Time and Attention on Maintaining Your Bike

It is all too common for bike owners to forget to take their bikes for regular services, checks and fixes. Making a conscious effort to keep your bike in great condition will not only extend its life but will also keep you safer when riding. 

3. Schedule More Time on The Open Road

If you are the kind of biker that either enjoys plenty of speed, or mostly use your bike for the daily commute, 2022 may the perfect time to get out and enjoy the scenery a bit more. Schedule a long road trip or two and take your bike out on the highways and byways of our beautiful country. It’s even better if you ride in a group, so gather your friends together, choose a destination and take a slow trip over a weekend. 

4. Make A New Commitment to Safety

Motorcyclists are at greater risk of serious injuries than anyone else on South Africa’s roads. That is no reason to be scared, but it is a good reason to be more conscious and make a solid commitment to safety. Remember that the rules of the road are for your benefit, and perhaps invest in some quality new riding gear. 

5. Invest In Some Upgrades

If you love your bike, why not pamper it a little? Put some money aside in 2022 for a few additions and upgrades, such as new tail lamps or a fancy exhaust. On the other hand, maybe the time has come to trade in your bike for something newer, bigger and faster?  

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5 Safety Tips for Staying Safe on the Road

The festive season brings extra hazards for all South African road users. Since motorcyclists often face higher risks of serious injury than other motorists, the silly season can be especially dangerous for those of us who like to travel on two wheels. Raceworx KTM offers five tips to stay safe and maintain your peace of mind on the roads these holidays.

Keep Safe on SA’s Roads This Festive Season

Motorcyclists should exercise care on the roads all year around. However, the ‘silly season’ increases the risk factors considerably. This is no reason to keep your bikes in the garage this December; you can still travel safely and enjoy your riding. It just means that you need to take extra precautions as traffic increases and road users start to get a little looser than they should. Here are five safety tips to help you ride safely through the holiday season. Read our blog for more tips on everything involving motorcycles and racing.

1. Adjust Your Attitude

Most road accidents can be traced back to the mindset that the drivers or riders have when they get onto the road. It doesn’t matter how experienced and confident a rider you are; there is no excuse for overconfidence. When you hit the road, remember that you are one of millions of other road users and show the appropriate courtesy and caution. Resolve not to be careless, not to rush unnecessarily, and not to act is if nothing can go wrong. This attitude will go a long way towards keeping you safe.

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2. Always Wear the Right Gear

No matter whether you are riding for business or pleasure, whether you are taking a long road trip or just popping out to do some Christmas shopping. Regardless of the circumstances, always take the proper precautions when you use the roads. This includes wearing the right protective gear at all times – especially your helmet. Aside from keeping your head protected, you should also ensure that no part of your skin is exposed. Wear ankle-high boots, as well as riding gear with padded or armoured knees, elbows, shoulders and hips.

3. Ride Dry

This should barely need to be said at all, but it is worth emphasizing: if you are going to ride, don’t drink at all. There are all kinds of arguments and justifications that we use to give ourselves a little leeway to enjoy a drink here and there before travelling: “Just one…” “I’m under the limit…” etc. The truth is that there is no safe amount of alcohol to drink before riding your bike. Just one unit of alcohol can impair your faculties enough to raise the likelihood of an accident. When you are riding, rather avoid drinking. You don’t have to deny yourself the odd celebratory tipple – just save it for when you are not riding.

4. Watch Your Speed

Yes – we know: what motorcyclist doesn’t like a little speed?! However, there is a time and a place. When you are riding on public roads among other motorists, that is not the place to push the limit. This is especially true during the silly season. Stick to the speed limits and make sure that you can maintain control over your bike.

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