How to Start Riding Motocross

Whether you want to ride Motocross just as a hobbyist or as a serious competitor, it is an exhilarating, challenging and life-affirming pastime. However, it is also extremely demanding, requiring physical and mental strength, great technique and plenty of guts and stamina. Professional Motocross racers are highly trained, super fit athletes, so preparing yourself for this sport is no joke. Raceworx KTM offers a five-step guide to the newbie looking to get their tires in the dirt for the first time.

5 Steps to Getting Into Motocross

While it takes a great deal of dedication to become a top Motocross rider, getting started in the sport is actually not that difficult. To help you get started, follow these 5 steps.

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1. Spend Some Time on A Mountain Bike First

If you want to get a feel for pushing your bike through the dirt, jump on a mountain bicycle and try out a few local trails. Aside from being a fun and healthy way to spend a morning, this will help you get a feel for “rubber and rough.” It will enable you to get a slow and manageable introduction to offroad riding.

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2. Choose Your First Bike

When you are ready to make the investment in your first bike, shop carefully through the offerings. There are old-fashioned two-stroke engines still on the market, as well as the latest four-stroke models and even electric-powered e-bikes. Choose the bike that best suits your budget and riding ability. Speak to an expert if you are unsure which bike to go with. Invest in some riding gear too, especially a helmet and boots.

3. Get To Your Nearest Track

Now you have your bike and a bit of experience with riding in the dirt, head to the nearest motocross venue and book get some practice time. In most South African cities, you should be able to find a few options, usually in the suburbs or on large plots of land on the outskirts.

4. Book Classes At A Riding School

Keep practising in your own time, of course, but getting a few lessons from a seasoned professional would be a definite advantage. You get the benefit of learning from a top-level rider, the track and facility will cater to riders of all experience levels, and you will probably have the chance to try out several different bike models. You can learn the techniques and develop your style.

5. Join A Club

When you feel confident, get to your local club and join up. You can then start competing in the club’s fixtures and hopefully advancing through the ranks – depending on how far you want to go with your riding.

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