6 Motorcycle Riding Tips for Summer 2021

Summer is almost here! What better way to celebrate the warmer days and enjoy the coming holidays than to hit the open road on your favourite motorcycle? Before you go, however, make sure that you are prepared to maximize your enjoyment of your trip. Start with these six tips from Raceworx KTM to make your summer riding a more pleasant experience.

How to Enjoy Your Summer Riding Even More

There is nothing like the feeling of riding on the open road on a long, warm summer day. To enjoy this simple pleasure, however, it is best to take some safety precautions first. If you are well prepared and follow a few simple rules, you can relax and enjoy your riding. Here are six easy-to-follow tips to help you prepare for and enjoy your upcoming trip. Read our blog for more tips on everything involving motorcycles and racing.

1. Wear The Right Gear

It is important to wear full-coverage gear if you’re planning to take a long ride. You should have separate kits for summer and winter. It’s time to break out the summer kit, which should be made from breathable material to help the air circulate and keep you cool. Gear made from absorbent material can help your body cool and dry on the road.

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2. Carry Plenty of Water

We cannot overstress the importance of hydration, especially if you spending hours riding in the hot sun. As you soak up the sunlight and break a sweat handling your bike over the roads, you will dehydrate quicker than you realise. So keep enough water with you and hydrate constantly.

3. Protect Your Eyes

The bright summer sun can make visibility a problem at times, so take precautions against that early morning, midday or sunset glare. Tinted visors or sunglasses will help to protect your eyes, and you should also take special care when riding towards the sun.

4. Take Regular Breaks

Any time spent on the road, no matter what vehicle you are using, should be broken up with regular stops for rest, leg stretching and rehydration. Taking breaks also gives you’re the opportunity to stop and take in the local sights.

5. Plan Your Riding

As much as you would probably like to maintain a little spontaneity during your summer road trip, it will be to your benefit to plan your rides carefully, especially when it comes to the weather. Summer brings a lot of stormy, rainy weather, creating conditions that are not optimal for riding. Check the weather forecast and plot your riding accordingly.

6. Wear Base Layers

As you set out for your trip, keep in mind that you are going to be spending hours exposed to the intense South African sun, so you should take every measure you can to keep cool and protected. Wear wicking base layers or cooling garments under your riding gear. These provide compression for better circulation and helps your body release heat through evaporation. Evaporative vests or wraps can be soaked in water before you depart. As you ride, the water slowly evaporates, providing coolness without getting any of your gear wet.

Prepare for Your Summer Road Trip With A New Or Pre-Owned Motorcycle, From Raceworx KTM

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