6 Tips for Your First Motorcycle Road Trip

Motorcyle driving on road

A motorcycle road trip is an exciting experience. It offers a sense of freedom and independence, as well as an opportunity to get out on the open road and experience sights and sounds you may never have seen and heard before. However, if you are hitting the road for the first time, it is very important that you are properly prepared. Raceworx KTM gives you six expert tips to help you ensure that your debut road trip is a success.

Essentials for A Great Motorcycle Road Trip

If you were taking a road trip in a car, you wouldn’t just jump and go. You have to make sure that you are properly prepared before your wheels hit the road. Then, you should have one or two tricks up your sleeve to help you make the most of the ride. It’s the same with a motorcycle trip – perhaps more so, in fact. Before you head out on your first trip, take note of these tips.

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1. Choose The Right Bike

It’s very important that you have the right bike for the trip. Choose with comfort, steadiness and durability in mind. Do some research, speak to the experts and find out what bike in your price range is best suited for the kind of trips that you are wanting to take. Look for elements such as soft, comfortable seats and handlebars. You want a bike that will give you the smoothest, most successful trip.

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2. Pack Light

Choose from the many available luggage options for motorbikes. Saddlebags, which can be fixed on the sides of the bike, are usually the best option. Regardless of how you pack your bike, do your best to bring only the essentials. Choose your luggage carefully, use disposables wherever you can and avoid packing too many changes of clothes.

3. Carry Plenty of Water

No matter what trip you are planning to take, it is always essential to remain hydrated. Always make sure that you have enough water with you. Whenever you make a rest stop, refill your water containers, and drink regularly while on the road.

4. Take Breaks

As with any road trip, you must get off the road and rest occasionally. It is recommended that you take a rest stop every three hours or so.

5. Stop At Off Hours

If you’re going to stop to eat, choose off hours to avoid getting stuck in queues. Most people stop at traditional meal hours. Stop at 11 for lunch, instead of 12 or for dinner at 5pm instead of 6 or 7pm, and you will probably miss the rush.

6. Dress Correctly

With a bike trip, it is very important that you are dressed properly to protect against the weather, etc. Always have proper riding pants, a decent helmet, ankle boots and jacket.

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