A Guide to The Top KTM Motorcycle Riding Locations in South Africa

So, you have a KTM bike that you love, but where do you take it for the best rides? Luckily, South Africa is full of fantastic adventure riding spots. On your next free weekend or holiday, pay a visit to one of Raceworx KTM’s top five riding locations in South Africa.

Where to Ride in South Africa

If you are looking for somewhere different to take your KTM bike on your next holiday or long weekend, try one of these awesome locations.

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1. Sani Pass

Strictly speaking, this isn’t in South Africa, but this picturesque area in north-eastern Lesotho is relatively easy to access from both KwaZulu-Natal and the Free State and is a rider’s dream. There are many routes you can choose from, but the best known one provides some of the best “gravel travel” riding in the world, following the Sani Pass up the Drakensberg mountains into north-east Lesotho.

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2. The Karoo

There is something otherworldly about the Karoo – a semi-arid region in the Western Cape. With its towering, breath-taking rock formations and multiple gravel passes, this magical region provides some of the best adventure riding on the continent.

3. The Tankwa

Not as well-known as the previous two locations, the Tankwa is a landscape for the experienced adventurer. It is in the very heart of the country’s most desolate region in the Northern Cape. This is a harsh land where the intrepid rider can find silence and peace, as well as mind-blowing night skies, unusual plant and animal life, and some really incredible riding.

4. The Botswana Border

The area that marks the frontier between the Northwest Province and Botswana offers vast distances, rolling landscapes, stunning wildlife and unpredictable weather. This will give you one of the most challenging adventure riding experiences in our country.

5. Mpumalanga and Swaziland

The lush landscape of the lowveld is already known as a popular tourist destination. This is just as true for KTM bikers as it is for any other holidaymaker. The network of gravel tracks that criss-crosses this gorgeous land is sure to enhance your appreciation of the region’s many sights and sounds.

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