Motorcycle accidents happen all too easily, but they can be prevented. Motorcycles are often associated with a daring and devil-may-care attitude, but the truth is that motorcyclists should be just as cautious on the roads as car drivers. Raceworx KTM offers a few expert tips to help you stay safe on your motorcycle.

Important Tips to Stay Safe When Riding Your Bike

Riding a motorbike can be extremely dangerous. South Africa has a high number of road accidents per capita as it is – among these, motorcycle accidents are the most likely to be fatal. The majority of motorbike accidents result in serious injury or death. With this in mind, there is no reason why you can’t keep enjoying your motorbike, but it is important to take precautions and ride carefully and alertly. Here are a few top tips to help keep you safe.

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Important Motorcycle Safety Tips

Before you get on your bike, bear these important safety tips in mind:

1. Increase Your Visibility

Wear protective gear that is easy to see: choose bright colours and add reflective elements to both yourself and your bike. Make use of your headlight – even when riding during the day and try to ride in a position on the road that makes you clear visible to all motorists.

2. Be Alert – And Never Assume That Other Road Users Are

When riding, keep your wits about you. Watch what is happening ahead of and behind you, as well as on either side of you. Motorists can very easily lose focus – especially if they are texting or speaking on the phone, so never assume that your fellow road users are alert and driving with maximum care. Watch out for swerves and sudden lane changes. If you are not sure if a motorist has seen you, use your hooter.

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3. Take Extra Special Care at Intersections

Almost half of road accidents occur at intersections. Motorists turning right across the intersection are perhaps the most common problem. Be on high alert at intersections and watch other road users very closely.

4. Watch Your Speed

It’s tempting to speed on a motorbike, but it will serve you to observe the speed limit and ride with care, especially on fairly busy urban and suburban roads.

5. Avoid Alcohol and Other Substances

This one shouldn’t even need saying, but a large percentage of road accidents occur as a result of one of the motorists involved being under the influence of alcohol or other substances

6. Avoid Bad Weather

If there are rainy or windy conditions, it is better to stay off the roads if you can. If you can’t avoid travelling in bad conditions, pack rain gear, ride slowly and take extra special care.

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